BOVEN KAMERS - Prototype pop-up book SOLD OUT – Bookbinding out of the box

BOVEN KAMERS - Prototype pop-up book SOLD OUT


In 2016 Benjamin collaborated with graphic designer Moon Brouwer on a special limited edition of the pop-up book BOVEN KAMERS. This copy we are selling is the Dutch prototype version for this edition.


Moon Brouwer / Grafisch Ontwerp in cooperation with Elbel Libro Bookbinding,
The Netherlands, 2016.

Within the limited edition of fifty copies, only ten copies were bound by Elbel Libro Bookbinding as a special edition. This copy is the prototype in Dutch for this edition. The pop-ups are laser cut into 160 gsm Fabriano paper and the pages digitally printed onto 200 gsm Fabriano.

General description of the book
The brain is the main control system of our body, with which we are able to think, memorize, experience the world around us and express our emotions. Without the brain we would not be able to execute complex activities such as reading, singing and playing sports.

Moreover, our brain is continuously coordinating bodily functions, like maintaining a stable body temperature, the ability to breathe and the functioning of the heart. With six pop-up spreads, this book will show you the human brain, with its various brain areas and functions, full-size and in 3D. The limited edition is designed and published by Moon Brouwer / Grafisch Ontwerp, in co-creation with Ingrid Siliakus, paper architect, dr. Gerard J. Boer, Netherlands Institute of Neuroscience, and prof. dr. Harry B.M. Uijlings, Anatomy & Neuroscience, VUMC.

Design and implementation
Moon Brouwer / Grafisch Ontwerp

Ingrid Siliakus

Dutch text
Dr. Gerard J. Boer, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience
Prof. dr. Harry B.M. Uijlings, Anatomy & Neuroscience, VUMC

Kalat, J.W. (2007). Biological Psychology. Cencage Learning, Inc, Belmont, USA
Bergsma, A. 2003. Ruim 2000 begrippen die te maken hebben met de hersenen en hersenaandoeningen van A tot Z. Het Spectrum, Houten, Nederland Brodmann areas

For more information you can visit the website:

Elbel Libro Bookbinding
Benjamin Elbel, Amsterdam (NL), 2016

Benjamin Elbel created a new binding structure for this book, in which the folios containing the pop-ups are attached only at the fore-edge so that when opening the book, they rise above the binding until totally flat, thus allowing the pop-ups to fully unfold.

The binding uses black board wrapped in Fabriano as main component, both as stiffening boards between the pop ups, and as compensation tabs in the spine and at the fore-edge. This creates a very attractive pattern on the edges of the book. The spine is lined with black Japanese paper and the cover boards in printed bookcloth.

Please note: the images of the cover shown are slightly different than the prototype copy (no thin lines on the cover).

€1200 (excl. shipping)

Included in the price
- Pop up book
- Foam pillows to display the book


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