Liquid beeswax OUT OF STOCK – Bookbinding out of the box

Liquid beeswax OUT OF STOCK



Liquid beeswax is natural beeswax suspended in a liquid solution of Carnuba and linseed oil. Apply with a brush, immediately wipe off the excess (with paper tissue), leave to dry. The liquid stuff evaporates, leaving only a very thin, even layer of protective wax. 10-15 minutes later, rub with a rag (buff), to get a distinctive satin finish. This is one way of protecting delicate papers, and in some cases enhance their appearance. Our liquid beeswax keeps the original colour of the paper virtually unchanged.

Tip: always test on an offcut first!

Trick of the trade: In the Pianel tutorial we use liquid beeswax to coat the spine and hinges. This provides the surface of the paper with some extra resistance to abrasion, as well as 'lubricate' the hinges a bit (where paper is rubbing against paper). 

50ml bottle

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