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Precision ruler pickup - 15cm


Not all engravings are created equal, and the ones on this ruler are definitely of the superior kind. Three reasons:

1) They are thin. How can one measure accurately when the markings themselves are about 1/2mm thick (which is often the case)?

2) They are engraved and not just painted. This is very handy when setting up your dividers against them, as you can drop the tips into the grooves. Beyond that, it makes them impossible to wear off, so the tool will virtually last forever.

3) They do not have the half millimeters which rulers sometimes have and make the reading confusing.

In addition to the quality of the engravings, the fact that this ruler is extra thin (0,5mm) makes the readings even more accurate. 

Last but not least, this ruler features a super unique and cool feature: the pick up feature. Have you ever struggled picking up a ruler from a very flat surface (your bench, or the board chopper). Yeah, thought so. If you have never used a ruler with pick-up before, this will seem like a decadent feature but trust me, once you get used to it there is no going back

An indispensable tool for measuring, or cutting small things, or to use as a very accurate 15mm gauge. Also great to use in combination with the 30cm ruler to cut parallel strips by hand using the Tine Noreille method (more info soon)

The reverse side features a millimetre-inch conversion table.
Stainless steel with matte finish (non-reflective)
Made in Japan

Length: 175mm
Width: 15mm
Thickness: 0.5mm

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