1. Innovation

The study and preservation of traditional techniques in bookbinding is necessary and honourable but often eclipses another exciting, yet far less talked about, aspect of bookbinding: innovation.

This is our focus here, and more specifically, we are interested in innovation in structure: innovation in how books are constructed, not just decorated. We are interested in people who challenge pre-established conventions, are willing to use up-to-date tools and materials, and tackle problems their own way, thus bringing new, fresh ideas and structures into the repertoire of the 21st century bookbinder.


2. Platform

With this platform we hope to raise awareness for the innovative side of bookbinding, and create a place where like-minded people come to find inspiration.

The project was started by Ben Elbel in 2013 as a way to share his own research, with the publication of his first tutorial, the onion binding. Since then we have grown the collection to 5 tutorials

More recently we started offering tutorials and manuals from other artists as well.

We offer special tools and hard-to-find materials.

Last but not least, bookbinding out of the box is an international network of certified instructors, who teach our subjects to their audiences in workshop settings.



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