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       The Japanese Paper Place                                       

       77 Brock Avenue
       Toronto, Ontario M6K 2L3

This Warehouse can only be visited by appointment. They have an Artist Resource Center and very knowledgeable staff to help you find the right paper you are looking for. Every last Wednesday of the month is Washi Wednesday, an Open House from 1pm - 7pm with a special guest artist demonstrating. *Recommended by Lori Sauer and Gabriella Fox.

       The Paper Place                                     
       887 Queen St. 
       West, Toronto, M6J 1G5

This shop sells the papers supplied by The Japanese Paper Place. Wide selection of papers and many sample books to browse through. *Recommended by Laurie Wright


       Papeterie Nota Bene                                   
       3416 Avenue du Parc 
       (Sherbrooke St.)
       Montreal, Quebec, H2X 2H5

Stationery shop selling an international collection of contemporary designed stationery. They also have a community art gallery with work of local artists. *Recommended by Vera Schwamborn, Carta Pura

       Au Papier Japonais                                    
       24 Fairmount West 
       Montreal, Quebec, H2T 2M1|

Shop offering more than 800 Japanese papers and paper from Nepal, Thailand and Montreal. Also range of stationery items and books about Bookbinding. 

       St. Armand Paper Makers                                 
       3700, rue Saint-Patrick, #01
       Montréal, Québec, H4E 1A2

The paper mill is open to the public and they sell their papers. *Recommended by Julia Dummett


       #9 - 1666 Johnston Street 
       Vancouver, BC 
       V6H 3S2

This shop carries hundreds of different sheets of papers to choose from. Their stock is always changing as they celebrate the new, the fresh and the creative in handmade papers from around the world. *Recommended by Nadine Werner.

       The Regional Assembly of Text                                    
       3934 Main Street
       Vancouver BC, V5V 3P2

Little stationery & gift store with focus on text. They have a range of self published artist books, a cosy reading room and an online shop. They also have a shop in Victoria. *Recommended by Nadine Werner.


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