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       K.A.V.K.A art books                                      
       Krocínova 5
       110 00 Prague 1

Book store in the old town specialised in art and design.

       Vojtěšská 9
       110 00 Prague 1

"The lack of good quality paper notebooks and stationery stores made graphic designer Kateřina establish this brand in 2009. (...) Today the Papelote range covers regular notebooks, diaries and sketch books in all shapes, colours and sizes."
(description borrowed from the Prague Superguide by Mira Vales)


A young book store and exhibition space with a mission to promote the work of local and international artists, in a vibrant and upcoming neighbourhood.


A tiny stationery shop with fun and colourful products.


       Velke Losiny paper mill and museum                                     

An artisanal paper mill at the foothills of Jeseníky mountains, in activity since the 16th Century.

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