Bookspots - Minnesota – Bookbinding out of the box

Bookspots - Minnesota


        Minnesota Center for Book Arts (MCBA)                                    
        1011 Washington Avenue S.
        Minneapolis MN 55415

Minnesota Center for Book Arts is the largest and most comprehensive center of its kind. This place is amazing: it has a shop, a library, a cafe, a book-shaped staircase, and lots of incredibly friendly book lovers. 

       Cave Paper                                   
       P. O. Box 18568
       Minneapolis, MN 55418

Cave Paper is a production hand-made paper mill dedicated to making decorated and unusual sheets of high quality for use by artists, bookbinders, calligraphers and anyone with a desire for fine sheets. Unfortunately they moved and are not open to visit anymore, but you can order online or visit one of their suppliers.


        Wet Paint                                   
        1684 Grand Avenue
        Saint Paul, MN 55105

Beautiful and large collection of papers from all over the world and great selection of art supplies.

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