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       Raima (Flagship store)
       Comtal 27
       08002 Barcelona

Raima is a collection of specialty stationery stores located in Barcelona. The main store has a wide variation of papers, stationery items and artist supplies.


       La Dominoteria                                                                            
       C/ Agustin Querol 5, Local A
       28014 Madrid

Shop with wide collection of papers from all over the world. *Recommended by Maria Romero Acosta

       Sofia Paper store                                                                 
       Centro Comercial El Jardin de Serrano
       Calle Goya 6-8, Madrid

Paper shop. *Recommended by Vera Schwamborn, Carta Pura

       Palma Papel                                                          
       Calle de la Palma 34
       28004 Madrid

Shop with stationery items and papers from all over the world.

      Desperate Literature                                                          
      Calle Campomanes,13
      28013 Madrid

Bookshop with second hand international books.

      La Riva (Special Papers)                                                       

Paper shop.

      La Eriza                                                      

Shop and gallery showing work from bookbinder Oscar Sanchez. He also gives workshops.

      Imprenta Municipal (Printing Museum)                                            

Printing museum.
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