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       Pen Store                                       

Think you got all the pens you need? Then you have yet to discover the pen store in Södermalm.

       Studio Barbara Bunke                                    

Studio Barbara Bunke (formerly Studio Ljunggrens Papper) is located in the cobbled streets of Gamla Stan, the historic centre of Stockholm. The shop offers a variety of notebooks, papers from all over the world, as well as paintings, cards and book art signed by the owner Barbara.

       Bookbinders Design                                    
       Sankt Paulsgatan 1
       118 46 Stockholm

Bookbinders Design is a swedish brand offering stationery and office articles manufactured using bookbinding processes and materials, with a distinc

       Antalis Butik                                     
       Birger Jarlsgatan 23
       Gamla Stan
       111 45 Stockholm

The global paper supplier has a shop in Stockholm. Browse through their collection of papers and get professional advice.


       Papercut AB                                       

Very cool bookshop in Södermalm...

      Konst-ig Konstbokhandel                                      

...and another one.


    Rum for Papper
    Vallgatan 19

Stylish shop with paper, stationery and bookbinding materials. *Recommended by Vera Schwamborn, Carta Pura


Handmade Paper Mill
Storgatan 79
360 50 Lessebo

Experience the old art of making paper at the Handmade Paper Mill in Lessebo, only open from May - August. *Recommended by Monica Langwe


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