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Divine dividers OUT OF STOCK



Until recently we were convinced that good dividers were a thing of the past and that newcomers would either have to do with mediocre modern ones, or be lucky and find an old one on an auction or flea market. 

That is, until we discovered this one, which not only has all the qualities that good dividers should have (high precision of the tips, ultra-fine adjustment possibility, absolute immobility of the legs once set), but is also a thing of beauty in and of itself thanks to the elegance of its design and the high quality of its finish.

The round legs are a non traditional feature but turned out (upon testing by skeptical Ben) to perform just fine and even a bit better in the 'rocking' action. Demo video coming soon!

This is the ultimate modern dividers, the best around, one that will give you the precision you dream of, and a great deal of pleasure too.

Size and Approximate Capacity: 150mm (6 inch)
Made in USA

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