Own collection – Bookbinding out of the box

Own collection

Bookbinding out of the box tutorials is our own collection of self-published tutorials. The subjects are based on the research and professional know-how of Benjamin Elbel, French bookbinder based in Haarlem (Netherlands), and his experience of teaching them to a variety of audiences in Europe and around the world.


The tutorials are designed to be autonomous objects with the aim of replacing a class, which is why their structure is similar to that of a class. They start with an introduction, followed by an overview, a list of tools and materials, and a series of step-by-step instructions lavishly illustrated with full colour photographs and diagrams. No effort is spared to make the instructions as clear as possible, which is testified by the many positive testimonials we receive (to be found at the bottom of product pages).
Our tutorials are published in 3 languages. All of them in French and English, with the third language being either German, or Spanish.

Basic tools, not basic projects

Since the beginning we chose to give priority to methods that can be realised with basic tools, and avoid as much as possible the dependance on heavy machinery. However, this does not mean that all projects are easy! Please check the levels of difficulty : easy / medium / challenging.


For all our tutorials we offer optional material packs containing partially pre-cut materials so you can be ready to bind upon receiving your tutorials. You can select those from the drop-down menus, or buy them individually. Discounts are available for bulk orders: see 'special offers' (2,3,4 or 5 tutorials).

And finally

We do not offer digital files, find out why here

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