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Bookbinding out of the box

Bookbinding out of the box is a vocabulary of innovative techniques for the 21st century bookbinder. 

Experimental, playful, sophisticated, each technique constitutes an exciting challenge for the amateur bookbinder; and for the professional: a refreshing recreation from the daily run of the mill. 

Our subjects are based on the research and practical know-how of Benjamin Elbel, French bookbinder based in Amsterdam (Netherlands), and his experience of teaching them to a variety of audiences in Europe and around the world.

The tutorials are designed to be autonomous objects with the aim of replacing a class, which is why their structure is similar to that of a class. They start with an introduction, followed by an overview, a list of tools and materials, and a series of step-by-step instructions lavishly illustrated with full colour photographs.

For all our tutorials we offer optional material packs containing partially pre-cut materials so you can be ready to bind upon receiving your tutorials.

Our tutorials are published in 3 languages. All of them in French and English, with the third language being either German, or Spanish. Please make sure to select the right languages for you. 

Please also check the level of difficulty: easy / medium / challenging

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