DVD - Perfect measuring, folding, cutting, without a pencil - by Tine Noreille


Measuring, folding, cutting, scoring …

You do it all the time when working with paper. For measuring, folding, cutting and scoring you often use pencil markings. However, because of the thickness of the pencil line, the inaccurate placing of the ruler or incorrect positioning of the craft knife, you very seldom get a perfect result.

If you want neatly finished books, machine trimming is often needed afterwards.

With this cutting and folding method you skip the pencil phase, you measure and cut at the same time, very quickly and as perfect as can be done by hand. Quicker, more accurate and easier!

No more trimming! Perfect for non-adhesive bindings.

Not only for signatures…

  • Cutting long strips (even if they are longer than your ruler)
  • Cutting cardboard and paper perfectly square
  • Checking square angles
  • Folding a perfect concertina
  • Cutting accurate mountings
  • Drawing parallel lines for calligraphy
  • Making complicated folding systems easier

Those are only a few of many possibilities.

Once you have mastered the technique you are bound to find other handy and useful possibilities.

The emphasis rests on creative binding but this does not mean the making of untidy books. Which often happens when one works with craft knife, ruler and pencil. However, the unique cutting method I developed, initially for lack of professional tools, results in neatly finished books.

The tools you need are available at any hardware or art supply store. Some of them you may have already. The system is easy, logical and once you are used to it you will never go back to pencil and ruler. I notice this with my students all the time. Their being so enthusiastic about it made me want to show this method to as many people as possible. Hence the idea for a video.

It is an 80 minute lesson, all techniques are shown. It consists of 12 chapters with full views and close-ups which you can watch at your leisure.

At present only a DVD is available, in English or Dutch. However the film is recorded in HD and the possibility of streaming and/or downloading will be available later on.

Essentially, what this method is all about is measuring and cutting paper, so it can be used by anybody working with paper in some way or another: graphic designers, photographers, calligraphers, bookbinders etc.

We also offer a complete high precision ruler set with the DVD. Please choose your preference in the drop-down menu. 


About Tine Noreille

Twenty-five years ago, Tine Noreille (BE) discovered the book as an art object and a little later on the craft of bookbinding. Her whole life she has been crazy about books and paper. Besides bookbinding she is also into graphic art so she can illustrate her bindings with her own art work. Two passions coming together in one single object.

Tine has been teaching creative bookbinding for over 20 years. Her aim is not only to teach people the techniques of bookbinding but also to stimulate their enthusiasm about working with books and give them confidence in their own creative talents.

She tries to encourage creativity along with accuracy by teaching the precision method which she developed over the years.

For more information: www.tinenoreille.be

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